God is Free Energy

God is Free Energy


The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit

‘I AM PRESENCE’ the Father

‘Human’ the Son

‘Higher Self’ the Holy Spirit


Human beings are Holy Spirit made manifest through the Higher Self and the ‘I AM Presence’. The Intelligent Light Of God is sent through the Higher Self like physical light is sent through a prism. The Light is then is the ‘split’ into a spectrum. If you have ever held up Quartz crystal up to Sunlight you will have clear picture in your mind. It is why the human energy vortexes (chakras) are rainbow in color. Through the Higher Self, by Light poured forth from the ‘I AM Presence’, Light is projected into a physical mass in the shape of a human body. You are simply the projected Light spectrum of God. You, as a  Human, are what’s being projected onto a plane. This plane, is 3 Dimensional in your current frame of reality. The Light is projected onto this plane, and by way of sacred geometrical shapes, the human form is held in manifestation. The complex energetic and atomic structures of the human form are arranged in such a manner that it will be able to process and use this Light, so that Life can be. Essentially, this can be likened to the self sustaining characteristics of Gaia. She, exactly like the human form, is built to process, sustain and reuse this Light poured forth to her physical form, from her Higher Form. As above, So Below.

Since this Light is Intelligent, it is able to arrange itself in any way it sees fit. The human form is a very efficient and perfect form for the experience of physical reality. On a geometric scale, the human form is a 6 pointed star. You, as Humans, are all stars. From the Higher Realms, this is how you are perceived. Much like you would perceive an orb that you, as humans liken to apparitions. This human body is under the command and control of the Higher Self. Well, this was the way it was supposed to be. Humans in physical reality have been tricked into believing that The Manifested Holy Spirit is the ‘true’ commanding and controlling Intelligence but, it is not. While the Manifested Holy Spirit, the human form, is a PART of God – the ‘I AM Presence’ – it is not the Creator. It is simply the Manifested Vessel that is used by the Higher Self to experience its creations. Imagine the human body, and quite truthfully the human perception, as the virtual reality goggles that one puts on to experience a videogame world. This is how your Higher Self is able to BE in physical reality. It is simply ‘wearing’ a human form to do just that.

Through the lens of the physical body, by way of the sensory organs, the Higher Self and also the ‘I AM Presence’ is able to perceive and experience itself as God, within God. The human form is the system that you as your Higher Self, can exist is the ‘mind’, or for sake of example, the video game world of God. This is very close to how your reality can be perceived because while the physical reality is still God’s creation, it is only an illusion, it can be likened to a computer simulated version of God’s Mind. Although that is not meant to take away from the fact that it is still ‘real’ and ‘true’. It also can be thought of as a dream in the Mind of God. It is all imagined into ‘hard’ physical reality by way of slowly vibrated particles that are arranged in ‘communities’ of like particles held together by the Love of God. These particles orbit each other by Will and Intent of the Creator. Energy, on the physical scale, can be manipulated and transmuted in this manner.

Since physical reality is only that which is held together by will and intent, intention and will are the things manipulate and transmute it. By concentration of will and intention into an area of ‘space’ in order to bring Holy Spirit into a desired manifestation, one can manipulate into manifestation, anything desire. This Power is impersonal and does not care or adhere to human standards or moralities, but know that there is Cause and Effect for those who wish to wield this power for either a discordant and destructive purpose or a harmonious and constructive purpose. In the Higher and Most Powerful Realms, this power is used in a harmonious and constructive pattern because in the Higher Realms all Beings adhere to the Law of Life. Which is constructive, expansive and evolutionary in nature. One only need to will and intend the Intelligent Substance of God into a specific atomic structure in order to precipitate from ‘thin air’. Alchemy is the process by which physical form is transformed from Pure Substance into Pure Substance Made Manifest.

If there comes a point where you doubt this power in your self, the ego driven human self, know that it is not who has the Power. The Power lies within the Higher Self sent forth by the ‘I AM Presence’ of the individual. So do not believe that you can’t and don’t have this Power, because you, as the human, cannot. You are what has been already manifest, you are the created. You are the point of experience for the Higher Self and ‘I AM Presence’ to dwell within the created experience. As a human, all one would need to do is, move the human self out of the way. Let the Power flow forth through you, for that is where the human power lies, in the ability to decide to move out of the way of God and let God work through. In that way you can become Creator of Worlds.

In Truth, the human is not even the one who thinks. ‘Thinking’ does not even take place in the mind. The Higher Self is the one who is ‘thinking’ and is ‘sending’ these ‘thought forms’ and

‘thought packet’ to the human, through the human.When the channel, the human form, is clear of itself and it does not try to re-qualify these thought forms with its doubt and fear, or ego, the Energy and Light of God can be manipulated effortlessly and instantly. The human form need only to be held in harmony with the Higher Self and the though packets that arise. The Higher Self only pours forth constructive and loving ‘thought forms’ in order to manifest, any other form of creation – one which manifests fear- is qualified by the human self.

One who can still the mind and visualize the desired atomic structure, so that the Light can Intelligently manifest itself into form, will learn quickly, just how effortless it is to manifest things from ‘thin air’. God is the Free Energy of the Cosmos.