Escapism – The Mental Trap

Escapism – The Mental Trap

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Star-seeds, Indigos, Earth Angels and all incarnates of the Higher Realms came forth to Gaia at this point in evolution in order to heal and raise the vibration of the planet, to help Mother Gaia in changing into her Higher Form. All of these souls have specific reasons for incarnating here and fall into this category. Many have multiple missions, some have a singular mission. There are those that are required to physically DO something while many are just here to BE. There are those of the Higher Realms that have come here by choice and others that have come here by Karmic Contract. All of these incarnates face the same psychological ‘traps’, no matter the dimension they have incarnated from or whether or not it was their choice to incarnate themselves here at this ‘time’. These traps stem from imbalances in the energetic and mental systems and cause the individual to have trouble in grounding the Higher Wisdom they have incarnated with. One of the number one forms of this imbalance comes from the ‘Escapism Mind-State’.

Most ‘Higher Realm’ incarnates come here already knowing of the other dimensions and the wisdom that physicality is just ONE of the many dimensions that we, as spirit, exist in. While this is very potent Wisdom, if not correctly grounded into THIS dimension, it can and will cause all kinds of trouble for these beings. Most of these beings already have trouble integrating into this reality because they come from a place where Love is the primary vibration. Upon incarnating into this physical reality these beings unlearn this Truth by way of outside suggestions and programs. While they do not actually ever lose this Truth, it is veiled by the illusory grounds in which this dimension currently operates. As stated in previous articles, the True Self that you are can never be changed or destroyed. It can only be ‘covered up’ with a false, augmented reality grid. Although they are incarnated from Higher Realms and their spirit is very experienced and intelligent, when incarnating into THIS dimension, they are susceptible to becoming entrenched in it. It is why it is important for these beings to shed this ‘outer self’ that has been augmented over top of their True Self.

The number one mental trap for these beings is what is called ‘escapism mindset’. This mental state not only hinders growth, but it holds the being down in the mire of this dimension never to fully ascend the body back to its True State. It is the mind-state where the individual just wants to run away from the struggles and problems they perceive in their experience, not to mention the fact that they have created them. They want to escape into some other place where none of these types of experiences exist. They believe they can escape away from the mundane, all the while forgetting that the mundane is also a part of God.

Holding the mind-state of “I just want to leave this planet” or “Why do I have to be here” is of pure victim consciousness and does nothing for the individual but stifle its power and ability to expand. Not only does this stifle the individual but, it holds them in a state of ‘no time’, never fully in the present moment and always waiting on the next moment to be free. Any incarnate of the ‘Higher Realms’ that holds this mentality will never ascend back to its Higher Self, at least not in this dimension, or its current life-stream. This mindset in itself is a potent lesson and one that must be overcome. This mind-state can easily be transcended by knowing that, you, while in the Higher Realms before incarnating on this planet, chose to come here. You, as your Higher Self, came here because at the same time you knew you could lend a hand to the planet, you knew there was potential to grow and expand even Higher. This is the whole point of creation – growth, expansion and creation. This potent Truth is one that can only be learned while in the physical dimension. This Truth is that there is no where TO go. There is nothing else to do other than to serve others and serve the Light. All in all, every dimension is of God, even this one, it just has been hijacked by the fear vibration.

These individuals dream of being whisked away by some spacecraft and then carted off to some special dimension where all things exist perfectly without having to take responsibility for their own resurrection, and this is not how it works. For one, that mindset and thought pattern, in itself, is of a low vibration and stems solely from the fear vibration. How do you expect to be whisked away to some Higher Realm if you yourself do not exist in that vibration right now? How can you harmonize into that reality without first harmonizing your current one? Never, at any point or in any dimension, will you be automatically absolved of all your self created woes, struggles and experiences. Although it is true, that after a certain level of consciousness is reached, the Ascended Ones can help and absolve much of it for you but, that only occurs when 51% of it has been transmuted by YOU. You will never be ‘picked up’ by an ET race to go live in a fantasy world because that thought alone is fantasy. That is victim consciousness in its many forms. Besides, if you were one of those ET races, would you want an individual that falls victim to outer world experiences or one that transcends that and is perfectly content no matter where they are. THAT is the mind-state of a fully realized God Being. It is of a Loving vibration from where you should operate no matter what dimension you are currently experiencing.

It was never meant to be ‘easy’ incarnating into this realm. That is why you came here! You knew the ramifications of the job before you came and you chose to incarnate anyway. (There are many cases where these Higher Realm individuals got sucked into the mire of this dimension long ago and have been reincarnating to absolve Karmic ties and contracts.) You are a special being and at your core you are fearless. You knew how heavy and dense this realm was but, you came anyway! The trick is to exist as Love here, there and everywhere. You cannot ‘escape’ because there is no where to go and nowhere to escape to! You must rise and rise and the only way to do so is through a conscious application of Love. Through conscious choice one may enter into the Higher Realms while still physically existing in the lower ones.

Ask yourself what it would do for your soul if that were to happen. If you were to be carted off to another world or dimension to live in perfection. On the outside, yes, it would be amazing, but would you have learned the full potential of who you are? Would that have brought you to a realization that you were the one with the power the entire time? No, of course not. That would be fruitless and we are here to enjoy the fruit. It is our job to transcend this mind-state. The beauty is that this mind-state holds no power once you realize that you chose to come here and you are an extremely Loving and Powerful being that changes worlds. You create Life at every moment with ease. It does nothing for you to fantasize that one day you will be rescued. Especially because there is nothing to be rescued from, you are the rescuer! You are the one who will pick you up and cart you off to new and Higher dimensions. You are the one who will create these Higher dimensions and bring them here to Gaia. You will raise your body back to its True State and with that, you will bring the whole planet with you! That is much more constructive and empowering than the belief that you have to wait for some other being to do that for you. You are the one you have been waiting for the whole time and there is no better time than NOW to realize this.

With Much Love and Light,


6 thoughts on “Escapism – The Mental Trap

  1. Reading this again, I have read numerous articles regarding ascension and many talk about “ships” coming to whisk us back to our star families. It is a savior complex that is quite ingrained in our society paired with a lack of personal responsibility for our own experiences.


    • Exactly! It is through that mode of thinking that keeps us away from ever experiencing it. It won’t come close to happening until everyone starts to take responsibility for what they think, feel and do. Not to mention once everyone on a global scale begins to create their reality at every moment, they won’t want or feel the need to be ‘saved’ anymore. Those types of imbalances won’t even exist.


    • There tends to be a fantasy wrapped around ascension, the human filter tends to romanticize things, especially when they are unbalanced in their writings! Its one of the prime reasons I wrote that article on discernment because there is a lot of misinformation out there to mislead us goodhearted folks haha!


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