Holographic Augmented Reality and Matrix Deception


Holographic Augmented Reality

The reality in which 98% of humanity lives in, or ‘thinks’ they live in has been created by a negative force which I will call, for simple terms of identification, the ‘negative agenda’ or ‘n.a.’ for short. This ‘force’ has used its technology to overlay a false reality on top of the true reality that we all naturally would live in had it not been for their intervention. This reality is held in place by the negative emotions of humans and is fueled by these negative emotions on a mass scale. When a story is planted in the media that will cause mass outrage, know for sure, that this was done by them as a means to perpetuate this false matrix. The reality that most beings perceive is one that was created by the ‘n.a.’ for reasons of control and a source of energetic food so they may become ‘falsely infused with power’.

The natural Energetic Grid of Gaia is one  that perpetuates the Law of Life, which is constructive and expansive in nature. With their technology, the ‘n.a.’, which are not of human or terrestrial origin at their most prominent point, they were able to split, or funnel the Grid into an alternate reality, or ‘timeline’. Much like if you were to split a river by way of a dam, creating two separate offshoots of the same river, in order to control and or harness the power of said river. This split river would be divided down into ‘separate’ sections because it is easier to control a smaller section, rather than the whole thing at once. Also, if they kept the ‘river’ as its natural ‘whole’ form, it would not be able to be controlled because it would naturally follow its innate instructions provided by God and the Law of Life. By splitting the Energetic Grid of Gaia, the ‘n.a.’ was able to create an ‘alternative reality timeline’ in order to harbor control over the masses for gains of their own greed stricken nature. Essentially, they used the power of the Grid of Gaia to create an unnatural reality where chaos and destruction could prevail, which they then could spearhead this false creation for personal gains. This is obviously entirely counteractive to the natural Laws of Life set forth by God. These beings are as children, on a soul level, and are simply trying to control the ‘sandbox’ by taking the sand out and creating their own ‘sandbox’ that they can be ‘kings’ of. The don’t want to share the ‘sandbox’ with others because their ego will feel less ‘important’ or ‘powerful’. The thing to note here, and it is almost comical because little do they realize, even though they were able to create this ‘false reality’ it was done with ‘sand’ from the ‘sandbox of God’. Where ‘sand’ is the Energy of God and the ‘sandbox of God’ is the True Reality. With that being said, this temporary ‘sandbox reality’ they have created is unstable and eventually will collapse back into the True Reality because by natural Law, it will always eventually move back to its natural state in adherence of the Law of Life.

This ‘alternate reality timeline’ has led mankind on a massive detour of unnatural pain and suffering. This was done because these beings feed of this type of energy. It is almost like a drug to them and the high of leeching of off fear energy is unlike anything in existence to them. Little do they understand the ‘high’ that can be attained from Pure Divine Love. These beings are lost. They think that their form of power is more potent. Their mind state and their entire agenda is based around the reoccurring premise “We are better than God, and we don’t need God to exist and be ‘powerful’.” It was and is essentially their middle finger to God. Little do they understand that at their inner most core, they are the ones they are giving the middle finger to! It is actually laughable. The irony that exists within their mind state is as comical as it is tragic. Anyway, back to the point here.

The alternative reality these beings created is held together by the fear that is perpetuated by the mainstream media and ‘entertainment’ facilities. Through fear perpetuating music, movies, literature, video games and ANY form one can think of, they keep this alternate timeline ‘alive’. It used to be very subtle in form but anyone with the ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’ can see that they have become much more blunt with their coercion’s. This is a great sign that they know their time is up and it is the last song of the dying siren to rally unsuspecting and unconscious followers to their cause. They know this and have gone into overdrive to get more and more people to come join their suicide party. Everywhere you look nowadays you can find blatant symbols and metaphors for their satanistic worship. It is everywhere. Their rituals are done in open air now because it is believed by them that if it is done this way, it will solidify the power and energy from the ritual into concrete manifestation. The onlookers of these rituals are actually the ones who make these things become real. You see, since the ‘n.a.’ has no actual power of its own, it must use the human observer, either consciously or unconsciously, to power its rituals and make them manifest. These rituals, for whatever is their purpose, can ONLY exist within this false reality in which they have created. All else is God’s Kingdom and those things simply cannot and will not ever exist there. Even the alternate reality they have created, at its core, is Gods because it started with the Energy of God in the first place, it is why their plight is fruitless in the end.


The Matrix Deception

These beings and the ‘n.a.’ as a whole are excellent deceivers and manipulators of emotion and perception. They are master illusionists but, only because we as humans have allowed them to do so. When the human being is fully realized as God, as was intended, these beings have absolutely no power in the matter. They are powerless in the first place, it is why they had to make their own ‘game’ so they could feel a sense of power. They have created an Augmented Reality that lays over top of the true reality. If you have ever watched the film ‘The Matrix’ you will understand very well how it all works. This ‘false matrix grid’ is electromagnetic in nature, as all things truly are. Through WIFI, radio waves, ELFs, EHFs, and microwaves (there are many other various forms) they are able to create this ‘web-like’ grid that overlays the natural reality. The human body that exists within this ‘reality’ then is subject to its emanations, if allowed to do so. Through processed and genetically altered food, we as humans, turned into highly metallic and highly receptive ‘living antennas’. Foods high in metal create in the body an environment that can be likened to a cellular tower. Also, the water that we consume is filled with toxins that overlay a membrane over of the Pineal Glad that disables the humans ability to perceive higher dimensions and to feel and know its connections to All Things. This holds the human inside of this ‘false reality’ and enables the ‘n.a.’ to subject the human to whatever emotions and intentions they desire. This of course is only possible to those who are unconscious of their True Nature as God. 

While a human exists ‘inside’ this ‘false reality’ and is unconscious of its True Nature, they are sadly at the whim and call of the deceivers. Whether consciously or unconsciously, humans give their consent to the ‘n.a.’ and become a host to all types of deceptions and false beliefs. In this ‘false reality’, the humans that have allowed this to occur fall victim to the religious dogmas and external suggestions that they are created out of sin and that all they do is sinful and wrong. That they should fear God and live life as such. They are subject to the ‘hate programs’ that this ‘n.a.’ runs constantly. What better way to control and manipulate than to separate and uneducated? With the help of their human counterparts the ‘false grid’ is fueled by fear and deception all the while giving the controllers ‘false power over others’. It is not ACTUAL power over others because this ‘power’ only exists because the ‘others’ have consented it, the ‘others’ being the humans who dwell in this ‘false reality’. 

Government projects such as CERN and HAARP spearhead the negative agendas technology to keep this grid locked in place. Although there are many other reasons for these technology projects, this is one of them. WIFI has become the most consumed form of internet access throughout the world. In fact, in America ( I cannot speak of other places), if you want internet, you must use a WIFI router and can no longer get, unless specifically asked for, a hard wired connection. (To my knowledge, it is almost an impossible task.) This is because WIFI sends out a signal that literally fills the home of the individual with a specific frequency. This frequency essentially creates a grid or web like electromagnetic radiation that enables the ‘n.a.’ to pump whatever frequencies into the home they desire. If the humans therein are unconscious of their True Nature, well, you can see how this web of control extends everywhere and what it has the potential to do. It is important for us as humans to know this, not to create and perpetuate fear, but knowledge is king, and knowledge applied is POWER! There are millions of ways to protect yourself from these and any forms of EMRs that exist, so there is no reason to fear any of it. You are more powerful than these silly technological devices, so there is nothing to worry about.

These beings who are a part of the ‘n.a.’ have access to technology that we as the average human do not. The ‘n.a.’ has the ability to register and track anyone and everyone on this planet. Those who are of Starseed origin, or Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal or any other form of Soul are at most, those who are being ‘hunted’. It is because these types of beings are a direct threat to their entire system. This makes these types of souls top priority to tags, implants, and other various forms of hijacking and tracking. When you are born on this planet, in a hospital, you are immediately registered and tagged, especially if you are of Great Light. They have tools and technologies that can register these types of things because in all, it is simply an electromagnetic emanations. They can pick up on these EMR’s and determine whether or not you are one of these types of souls. They have become very aware of the specific energetic signatures of these types of beings and it is good for you to know that, if you know you are one of these souls, you have been subject to some form of implanting. Now, again, this is not to create fear, it is for you to understand that it exists, and you have the power to end it! If you never knew you were implanted, well you would never have known that you are being effected by it. You can remove these implants and tags by intention and will or, you can ask God, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and your Guides to eliminate these from your being. As I have said, you are the ones with the power, not them.

Although the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this, I would like to conclude this article for now.  There may be a part two if needed and if desired I will explain my story in terms of being implanted and how I overcame it. I simply desire to bring these types of things into your awareness so that you may do something about it. Since I can only lead a horse to water, I will leave all the rest up to you. Go forth and research! Learn! Apply all that you learn and see that Love is the only thing that you accept and know. Above all, do not fear, for YOU ARE GOD. Whatever you say goes!

With Much Love and Light,


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