Let Go!

let go.jpg

Let go of the old paradigm. There is nothing left there for you as it is the Now Moment in which you all have been waiting for. This goes for the individual self, the global self, and the galactic self that you are. There is no need for any of the old ways and the old ‘selves’ that you once were. The only way this can become manifest is through the process of ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Letting Go’.

All the things of your old life including – relationships, locations, thoughts, behavioral patterns, feelings and ANYTHING of the old way of being needs to be LET GO. To exist in the new paradigm there can be nothing brought with you from a previous way of being. Leave all baggage at the door and move through this ‘doorway’ NOW. Within this NOW exists all things that go into the category of ‘New Earth’ and ‘Heaven Made Manifest’.

Not only do you need to let go of all things that have once existed in your ‘outer reality’ but, you also need to let go of the old programming in the ‘Inner Reality’. All the old thoughts that you hold on to and all of the past emotions must be LET GO. This pertains to all feelings and thoughts towards people, places and things that once were manifest in your reality.

You can effortlessly let go of these old ways and paradigms by living fully in the NOW. When you exists fully in the NOW, you do not conjure old ways and do not ponder future endeavors. You solely exists RIGHT NOW. This is your natural state of being. It is much more constructive to consciously exist there, in the NOW MOMENT, rather than projecting your consciousness ‘backwards’ or ‘forwards’ into realities that do not exist (past or future experience.) This will enable your Higher Self to annihilate from your lower self, all of the old ways and dense patterns that exist within your human body and world.

Set the intention before you sleep that, “When I wake up, I will be a completely new and wholesome being, restored back to my natural state of Godliness.” This will do wonders for your lower self and over the course of enough linear time, you will witness the Truth of this. You will save yourself much ‘painful’ experience in that you will destroy the need to have these experiences manifest so that you may learn whatever lessons you chose to learn before you were born.

Let go of the life that you once lived. Let go of who you thought you were. Let go of all persons, places or things that hold that ‘reality’ in orbit. Let go of the past and let go of the future. Accept this Now moment that is Eternal in its ways. Accept the God Self that you truly are. Do yourself this Loving Service and see your world change!

With much Love and Light,



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