New writing project!

Brothers and Sisters of the Light of God That Never Fails!!

I wanted to make a quick post to update you all because I haven’t posted anything new in a little while. I apologize for that but, I have been busy toiling and concocting a new writing project.

I was guided not too long ago to begin writing a one of the many books I AM going to release. This first one is simplistic in nature and it is going to be for those who are just beginning their path back to Godliness. Although it is a beginner style book there will be much information in there for the Adept and Expert as well, its always constructive to have a willingness to learn no matter what evolutionary level you are at! Even I, knowing the Wisdom therein very well, have learned a lot while I was putting it to page.

I was told by those who have guided me to start creating this new project and those who have spearheaded the discourse to me that keeping it simple at first is the best way. I AM already working on the ideas, well I should say, I AM pulling the ideas from the NOW where these books already exist, for the much more in depth and “complex” truths for the second project!

Also, just a quick note, I AM thinking about making a new post, after this one, about my past life regressions that I have been doing as of late. If there are any of you out there that have considered trying it, I recommend it highly! What you will learn about your soul and the healing you will call into your current life is profound!

Stay tuned Brothers and Sisters!

With much Love and Light,



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