The Greatest Diamond That Ever Existed



Oh Great One, Be Wise in Thy tribulations

Think of Thyself as  a Diamond

Unyielding and Stunning,

Drawing the Eye in with Thy Luster.

Reflecting the Light and at the same time deflecting all unlike Thyself.

On the inside Blazing like a thousand mirrors set on fire by the Sun,

Perfect in Its Emanation,

Filtering Light and sending it forth into the world,

unwavering in Its Expression.

Fully unique, yet created from the same dirt as the next.

While some are still yet covered in Earth,

Know that they are only just developing into the same brilliant manifestation.

Make ripe their conditions and till the ground in fertile soil

All will be prepared and released in Divine Time,

To shine like the rest

To join us all

The Greatest Diamond to have Ever Existed

Faceted Plenty, Shining Infinitely,

The Greatest Diamond that Ever Existed.

Importance of Discernment


Hey folks!

Unlike my usual long-winded articles this one shall be just the opposite. As far as the Truth goes we all have our very own ‘radar’ that is embedded into us as natural part of our consciousness. We all have it and we all have been in situations where – either consciously or unconsciously – we have used it to some degree. Although some may not have listened to this little ‘inner radar’ there is no doubt that it has sent off it’s alarm at one time or another. This ‘alarm’ was the gut feeling you had when you’ve just met someone and for some reason you felt that something about them was ‘off’. That feeling you got when you were traveling somewhere and something just ‘told’ you to take a different route later to find there was an accident or something related. This feeling is usually called intuition.

We are at a point in our evolution where this is absolutely paramount. With the many changes taking place on this planet there seems to be just as much disinformation as Truth floating around. Now, I’m not pointing fingers or calling BS on groups or specific people because it is not in my nature to condemn or judge. I desire only to shed light on the natural ability that exists within all of us. What I desire to do is help you to remember that this feeling inside of you will never steer you in the wrong direction. NEVER. This inner voice is your connection to the Higher Self that you truly are, one whose vantage point of viewing your experience is much more palpable.

With this short article I desire to bring into your awareness the importance of listening to this inner voice and eventually living your life guided by its direction. Imagine yourself looking down into a 2 dimensional beings world. Much like a birds eye view on a lab rat moving through a maze. It is much easier for you to see the correct route to take because your vantage point superior. This is exactly how your Higher Self perceives you and your world ( although not in any sense that you are a rat.) It leaves you ‘clues’ and ‘breadcrumbs’ in the form of feelings in your ‘gut’.

Many people and groups in the “Truth Seeking” community are there to do exactly that, seek out and spread Truth. There are also many involved that desire only to dilute the truth with so much false information that you can’t decipher which way is up. This is not something you need to worry about though because there a few simple tricks that you can use to figure out which one you’ve come across. You can ask yourself a few of these questions and coupled with your inner voice you will be impervious to deception.

  1. Does this information or person try to spread fear and/or try to generate feelings stemming from it? (anger, hate, judgement, condemning or anything of the sort.)
  2. Is this information or person acting in a way that is empowering you with knowledge or wisdom and/or trying to help uplift and arm you with such things?
  3. Is this information or person acting from the ego or the purity of spreading truthful or usable knowledge?
  4. Does this information or person seek to help or to hurt?
  5. Do you as the reader or receiver of this information feel as though it resonates with you and/or is there a feeling that something not quite right?

Now, these questions are just a model for what you should be asking yourself any time you are receiving any type of information that seeks to divulge Truth. Obviously these are not scripture and you can formulate your own questions but, the importance here is to QUESTION. Question everything! Nothing that is given to you should be taken in and made concrete in your mind until you’ve questioned it beyond all doubt. Nothing that your friends, family, significant others or spiritual or religious ‘leaders should be absorbed until you have questioned it to your full satisfaction. Until you have reached the root of the reason for this information (was it meant to uplift or discourage?) you should never blindly accept anything. Not even this article you are reading right now. You have an potent power of discernment built into you and the feelings you receive therein will guide you perfectly every time. I hope this helps you to remember just how powerful you are! Be aware, be conscious, be love!