Balance and Acceptance – What Do They Have to Teach You? Part 1

Balance and Acceptance – What Do They Have to Teach You?

November 15th, 2016

Channeled by: Ryan Stolinski


The programming of the mind of what you call the ‘Male’ mind has affected every single generation for 1,000’s of years on your planet. It was taught and programmed into the Human Blueprint by those who exist within the mind state of ‘control over others’. This hardening of the ‘male’ energy pattern is actually just a manifestation of disobedience to the Light of God. Men as a whole, are told from the time of their awakening into this world to ignore all feeling and inner dialogue for fear they will become what is called in your reality, ‘soft’. We say ‘soft’ is exactly that which you innately desire to be! It is the inner voice of the True-Self, the Loving Presence which you truly are! It has only been ingrained into the minds of Men that the opposite is True. When in reality, the thing they ignore is their Savior, their Way Back!

The idea that it is not ‘masculine’ to embrace the feeling nature of your physical and mental complex, is ignoring half of your being! (The same goes with the ideals and psychological patterns programmed into what is deemed ‘female’ energy on your planet.) That is what the Great Teachers who have come to your planet have always talked about, ‘Balance’. It is a natural state of the Human/God hybrid complex. (We use the term ‘Human/God complex’ very lightly – for that is the best way to paint a mental picture.) Had humans from their time of perceiving the world from victim consciousness, just listened to what their Inner Self had to say – they would not be at this phase in evolution. But then again, what would have been learned if it was without what is perceived as a ‘hard experience’?

At this phase in evolution, it is important for humans to have balance, or what we would say, “Be One with the True-Self.” This is the only way to create in accordance with God’s Law. All else is misqualified, unaligned human creation. What is needed to Restore, Resurrect and Revitalize the world is God Creation. Perfection as it was meant to be. The detour that humankind was lead on, and of which blindly followed, served them well. This is no longer the case. As they/you are now at the important phase of Acceptance.

Acceptance of the Power of God. The Responsibility of Being a Sovereign, Loving and Creative Being. Once this is Accepted by the 51%, all will change, evolve and expand in what seems like an instant. *At this phase is evolution it is also important to note that all who are present in the Here and Now of the physical Reality of Earth/Gaia, will Accept this. This is because everyone present has chosen this. The Plan is in motion, the cast is set and the curtains are coming up.*

Circumstances that took place in your reality have prepared you all for this exact NOW. Everything that plays out from this point is the non-stop train back to Perfection. Be glad you reserved your ticket!

Once the ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspect are both brought into alignment in each ‘gender’ respectively, than Unity, Equality and Harmony will take effortless Dominion. One will each recognize in the other that they are of the same Whole. The same Body and Mind. This is when creation is in its Highest Form and finally can flow through all. Oh the ‘magic’ that will seemingly pour forth from this Supreme Marriage of the ‘genders’. This will act as a ‘Holy Avalanche’ that will roll over Gaia like a Cosmic Wind –  filling every heart and mind with the Energy of God.

With Great Love,



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