A Message from God/Source/Universe, “The Mighty I AM Presence”

November 7th, 2016

A Message from God/Source/Universe, “The Mighty I AM Presence”

Transcribed by: Ryan Stolinski



Occasionally, a feeling will curl up from the pit of my stomach to pick up a pen and paper and jot down messages or answers to questions that come into my mind. Never did it occur that this was what people meant by the term ‘automatic writing’. Never was it a plan to share these with anyone. Now, coupled with the intense feeling to share these, I bring you what the Mighty Presence of God has shared with me. This is not at all of my opinion, nor is this from me. I AM simply a channel, or a filter through which the Light, the Intelligent Substance of God,  can pour through into this dimension. I in no way claim this material as my own because it did not come from me. I AM grateful for the opportunity to share a beautiful message from the Heart of God. May it find you well.

I AM Presence:

You see, I AM this world. I AM also in the world. There was never a point where this was not true. I AM the Ultimate Love. I AM You and You are ME. We are ONE. FEEL IT NOW. Purify the great centers of the Heart and Mind. See it. FEEL IT. Wipe away all that is not pure and not in alignment with Me. The Great I AM that You are. FEEL IT.

Dear Hearts, If you could imagine for a moment the Great Immense Love I have for all of My Creation. They say “God is dead!”, all the while deeply knowing that cannot be. GOD IS LIFE! Look around you, for your “proof” which you yearn for. Look where they say there is none. Know that I AM there the most. I AM in those “places” and I AM those places. Surely, it sounds like a riddle. But, FEEL IT. There is no-thing that exist that I AM not. I AM the Sustaining, Life Giving, Intelligent, Ever-Expanding Consciousness that Knows All because I AM ALL! You are Me, and also, a Part of Me. FEEL IT.  Imagine a broken mirror, reflecting the Light of the Sun on each individual piece, but still all reflecting the same Light. Individually and also, as a whole. This Is Consciousness, at least metaphorically.

I AM here with You always, and I AM You always. There is no separation! How could there be? There is only one thing in existence. CONSCIOUSNESS!!! That which Everything IS! All of creation is consciously manifested. All of Me is Consciously Vibrated into Existence in the Key of Love and the Scale of Imagination. I AM Imagination. This is a creative process. This is THE CREATIVE PROCESS. Through thought and feeling, life is manifested. I AM ALL. I AM the Creator, and the Created. You see, If I AM You, and You are Me. We are ONE. Consider for a moment that I AM ALL THINGS, what would you say that makes you?

With The Great Love That I AM, that which You Are,






Copyright (c) 2016 Ryan Stolinski * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


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