Stop, Drop, Connect!

Stop, Drop, Connect!


In the experience of my outer self, I (Ryan), have witnessed many situations where the use of this simple technique could have saved any involved parties from becoming snared in the web of outer influence. This ‘web’ of outer influence is as apparent as the oxygen in the atmosphere. It permeates everything in this physical reality. This outer influence is constantly knocking at the door of our consciousness – begging for entry – and for some, it is an open door policy. This leads to all forms of discordant creations and experiences. When you are not in control of what comes in and out of your consciousness, you are similar to a loaded gun in the hands of a blind shooter.

Now, I DO NOT mean this in any way that may insult, criticize, or judge ANYONE. I DO desire to hold a mirror to humankind and reflect what is occurring day to day, moment to moment, on our Beloved Gaia. This is what I have learned in my experience and this technique was taught to me by my Higher Self. I was asked to share this so that it may help to forge a solid connection with your God Self. So, without further preclusion, it is with great pleasure that I share this technique with you. If there are any questions, PLEASE feel free to email me or comment so that I can help clear up any confusion or queries you may have. I thank you,


Technique for re-connecting to the Higher Self

STOP – Stop the body! *In circumstances where this is not possible, try as best to bring mechanical functions of the body to a minimum*. Once you have ceased all movement and if possible, find somewhere to sit, stand, or lay. The important thing here is to get somewhere that you will be able to relax the body and be completely undisturbed. You can either close your eyes or keep them open. (Ryan, personally, keeps his eyes open in order to ground it fully into the physical experience.) If you are fluent in the art of meditation, this should come fairly easy. Now that you have ‘timed-out’ and relaxed the body as much as possible, the next step is:

DEEP BREATH Take a very deep breath into the belly, filling the diaphragm with as much oxygen as you can pull into the nose. Hold for a second or two, then release from the mouth. Blow out with a bit of force, but not much. As you blow out, imagine all of the tension in the body going with it. *It helps to imagine this tension as a color so when you blow out, you can visualize this color being exhaled as the breath.* It may take a few deep inhales to feel even partially relaxed, so take as many as you need, but also keep in mind that the object of this technique is to re-connect you to your God-Self. Make sure that this is your main focus and intent and you are not distracted by simply trying to relax the body. Be sure not to become frustrated if your body seems rebellious. If you don’t feel fully relaxed, it’s okay. The purpose of this is to dissolve the grip of your connection to the outer world/physical reality. Once you are still, and you have taken a few deep breaths, it’s time to allow the feeling of your Higher Self to move back into the body.

BE HERE, NOW – After you have relaxed the body and mind and you can feel in your body the calming, loving feeling of your True Self, you can easily fix your consciousness in the NOW Moment. You will know you are firmly in the NOW moment when any past or future experience is wiped from your consciousness. It helps sometimes (if your eyes are open), to place focus on an object, purely for a point of focus, in order to prevent your consciousness from drifting to memories or future imaginings. Your job at this point is to keep this feeling and experience of the NOW moment locked in your conscious awareness for as long as you possibly can. Whether it be for 1 minute or 25, the benefit of this is immense. Specifically, as you achieve this state of being for the first time, you actually set up a reference point for all future uses of this technique. Meaning, the state of being you achieved, is now the reference point for all other times you desire to use this technique in the future. As you become more and more familiar with this connection and its feeling, you will find it nearly effortless to ‘get back’ to or to stay in this state of being. Think of it as a trail cut into a field of high grass. The first time seems difficult because the grass  has not yet been tamped down into a noticeable footpath. After the initial time, the path need only to be walked on frequently to keep it that way. After some time of walking this ‘path’ it becomes permanent. As you begin to hold this state of being more frequently, it becomes more natural and fluent to conjure this state after you have been distracted from it in the outer experience.

Eventually, this state of being becomes permanent and all outer experience will seem as though it has no effect on your mental or emotional state. It’s important to realize that this technique takes practice, just as a football player trains the muscles for peak performance. In the beginning, it may take some time to do but, eventually it will become first nature. This will than become your permanent state of being and you will always know and feel your connection to your Higher Self. When the Higher Self is the controlling force of your life, know that the Universe will bow in command to your every loving desire.

With Great Love,

The Mighty I AM Presence

I hope this helps and you can get the benefits of being fully connected to your Higher Self/God Self at all times. There are thousands of ways to make this connection happen and become permanent. This is just one technique that I (Ryan), use anytime I get distracted by outer worldly influences. May it grant you the freedom from the effects and causes of the outer world and may you forever know who you TRULY ARE,


Balance and Acceptance – What Do They Have to Teach You? Part 1

Balance and Acceptance – What Do They Have to Teach You?

November 15th, 2016

Channeled by: Ryan Stolinski


The programming of the mind of what you call the ‘Male’ mind has affected every single generation for 1,000’s of years on your planet. It was taught and programmed into the Human Blueprint by those who exist within the mind state of ‘control over others’. This hardening of the ‘male’ energy pattern is actually just a manifestation of disobedience to the Light of God. Men as a whole, are told from the time of their awakening into this world to ignore all feeling and inner dialogue for fear they will become what is called in your reality, ‘soft’. We say ‘soft’ is exactly that which you innately desire to be! It is the inner voice of the True-Self, the Loving Presence which you truly are! It has only been ingrained into the minds of Men that the opposite is True. When in reality, the thing they ignore is their Savior, their Way Back!

The idea that it is not ‘masculine’ to embrace the feeling nature of your physical and mental complex, is ignoring half of your being! (The same goes with the ideals and psychological patterns programmed into what is deemed ‘female’ energy on your planet.) That is what the Great Teachers who have come to your planet have always talked about, ‘Balance’. It is a natural state of the Human/God hybrid complex. (We use the term ‘Human/God complex’ very lightly – for that is the best way to paint a mental picture.) Had humans from their time of perceiving the world from victim consciousness, just listened to what their Inner Self had to say – they would not be at this phase in evolution. But then again, what would have been learned if it was without what is perceived as a ‘hard experience’?

At this phase in evolution, it is important for humans to have balance, or what we would say, “Be One with the True-Self.” This is the only way to create in accordance with God’s Law. All else is misqualified, unaligned human creation. What is needed to Restore, Resurrect and Revitalize the world is God Creation. Perfection as it was meant to be. The detour that humankind was lead on, and of which blindly followed, served them well. This is no longer the case. As they/you are now at the important phase of Acceptance.

Acceptance of the Power of God. The Responsibility of Being a Sovereign, Loving and Creative Being. Once this is Accepted by the 51%, all will change, evolve and expand in what seems like an instant. *At this phase is evolution it is also important to note that all who are present in the Here and Now of the physical Reality of Earth/Gaia, will Accept this. This is because everyone present has chosen this. The Plan is in motion, the cast is set and the curtains are coming up.*

Circumstances that took place in your reality have prepared you all for this exact NOW. Everything that plays out from this point is the non-stop train back to Perfection. Be glad you reserved your ticket!

Once the ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspect are both brought into alignment in each ‘gender’ respectively, than Unity, Equality and Harmony will take effortless Dominion. One will each recognize in the other that they are of the same Whole. The same Body and Mind. This is when creation is in its Highest Form and finally can flow through all. Oh the ‘magic’ that will seemingly pour forth from this Supreme Marriage of the ‘genders’. This will act as a ‘Holy Avalanche’ that will roll over Gaia like a Cosmic Wind –  filling every heart and mind with the Energy of God.

With Great Love,


Guides and How to Hear Them

Guides and How to Hear Them

By: Ryan Stolinski

The most effective way to create a conducive environment to be able to perceive your Guides can be done quite easily after some balancing of the energy field and contemplation of the Self.

Every person on this planet has them but to the dismay of some, they don’t listen to them. There are Beings that are here to lend a hand and Serve the Light in order to help you on your path and mission. These Beings chose to be the guiding hand for the Great Mother – for her children – to lovingly be with them for their strength, protection, and guidance. No one  is ever alone and simply cannot be for there is no separation. The easiest and most effective way to create an environment to hear or perceive your Guides, is to learn the skill of Thought Mastery or the skill of Mindfulness. These skills enable the individual to be able to learn discernment and the recognition of one’s own conjured thought or a thought that comes from outer sources. Just as the people in your life have different “vibes”, every thought has a different energy pattern. When the word ‘vibe’ is used, it refers to the energy pattern underlying everything in existence.

There is a certain ‘homely’ vibration about one’s own conjured thought and the outer thought. (To make clear, from now on I will call these Personal energy patterns, Inner Thought and all outer patterns and energies, Outer Thought.) One’s Inner Thought has a specific pattern that is innately known to the conjuror. Just as these Inner Thoughts have specific patterns – so does the Outer. Although these are two of the same, the varying forms of thought perception depends upon the individual’s skill of discernment.

Outer Thoughts come in millions of different forms and patterns and it is necessary to add a few so you can quickly get an idea of just how many chaotic patterns bombard the energy field every moment. Now, this is not to create fear in anyone, but to place a conscious awareness upon the reality of your reality. Individuals have unknowingly spread undesirable and deconstructive energy-thought patterns throughout the entirety of your Earth, in her physical, mental and emotional bodies for thousands of years. This is the cause of 99.99% of humanity’s collective mind being ravaged by the fear vibration. While the influence of the fear vibration could be left to an entire study, I won’t go further into that now.

Some of the most detrimental patterns floating about one’s self at every given moment are judgements and criticisms of the self and of others. These thought and feeling patterns resonate at a discordant ‘tone’ which serves to interfere with one’s ability to, not only create and manifest in a constructive manner, but to even conjure and imagine constructive thoughts. Depending on where you are in terms of conscious awareness, determines your ability to shield and protect and to ‘ward-off’ the influences of Outer Thought. There are some that have gone as far as being able to identify, transmute and heal the worlds and humanity’s toxic thought and feeling energy that pollute the Earth. This ability comes naturally once enough awareness has been gained and God has restored the many tools and abilities to make that job much more effortless.

    With that being said, there are millions of forms of this Outer Thought energy. I feel that it is important now to add that, “Thought” and “Feeling” energy patterns go hand in hand. One cannot come into manifestation without the other. So, when the term  ‘Outer Thought’ is used, please know that this is an extremely broad term and that thought alone is not the only factor playing part in the whole. Feeling is half of it and these Outer Thoughts usually manifest with both Feeling and Mental Image or Thought. As one becomes more and more aware and the vibration or frequency which one’s Being resonates to expands ever inward, outward and upwards, these things become more and more illuminated in the individual. Meaning, the more expansion one allows, the less one is affected by these things and with it the wisdom of what, who, where, and why these patterns occurred and the generating source.

To clear the air of any confusion – know that if this is all new for you, if this information is just now finding you, most likely, you are heavily influenced by the rest of the world. But, just because you are new to this information does not make you any less or worse off than anyone else. You all have the same potential for power and that is unlimited. Be happy that this information found you because it means that you have resonated to the frequency of the dimension in which this information exists, and you attracted it because you have asked for it.

Without further tangent, I will lay out some ways that Outer Thought and Feeling Patterns enter and influence you and your World. As I stated before, number one being judgemental and critical of the Self and others.

What happens when one thinks and feels in a way as to judge, criticize, gossip, hate, condemn, hold contempt for or anything of the sort, against the self or others, is completely destructive and opposes the Law of Life itself. Not only does it have the possibility to affect the other individual (only if said individual is unaware – depending on the level of conscious awareness) but, it instantly goes out from you, into the world, all the while gathering like momentum – coming straight back to you.

Now, if one were to examine a specific instance where this process would, could, and did take place – One would see exactly just how poignant this point be. Let’s say, for sake of example, at its absolute peak, the epitome of the exchange of deconstructive or what most call ‘negative’ energy in the form of thought and feeling is and was the cause of any war your planet has ever experienced in your history. Coupled with greed and lack of compassion – both of which stem from the fear vibration – are the cause, while the worlds seeming turmoil – is the effect. Mankind has sown the seeds of fear and so the fruits of its loins are reaped.

All of this, in any manner of approach will yield the result, that all Outer Thought and Feeling patterns of Humankind, that are deconstructive and ‘negative,’ are rooted entirely in fear. Every single emotion, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ can be traced back to Love; either Love itself or the lack thereof. Fear being simply a lack of Love in its most distorted form. For sake of keeping the information simple, and to show the misstep in Mankind’s pathway, I will use the term fear. I would also like to note, there is no ‘polarity’, all is of ONE nature. LOVE. Whether you call God – Source, Universe, Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Allah, Jesus, the Sun, No-one – it is All of One Substance. LOVE. Which is Life. This is slightly off target, but it needs to be understood if one wishes to gain any kind of Mastery of the thought and feeling. If you think that the current held belief that, “God Is Dead’ and the seemingly simultaneous decay of the state of humankind is purely coincidental, you are soon to find you are mistaken.

Another point of creation of Outer Thought and Feeling – and no less deconstructive than the last, comes from those who are your family, friends and significant others. Its seems, from your perspective, that the ones you hold close, influence you greatly. Until one Masters the Self – this remains a very poignant point of influence in one’s world. The preconceived perceptions you have of others and that others have of you, place a limit on the level of awareness one can achieve at that given moment. Nothing hinders expansion more than the inability to let go of one’s views, perceptions, and beliefs of others and of the self.

Naturally, things grow, expand and change at every given moment. This is always occurring -infinitely and eternally. Holding onto these mental perceptions not only stifle you but, the other as well (of course, depending on their level of conscious awareness). It would be as if you forced a plant into the seedling stage forever.

Once you get to the point of being able to let go and call the Law of Change into your world, you will notice that all of these previously held Thought and Feeling patterns drop away. At this point one begins to empty the mind of all outer influence. This is the phase of growth and evolution when a sense of awareness as never before felt occurs. This is where your Inner Thought and Feeling patterns become apparent.

This leads us right to another point of influence. As one begins to hear within the inner ear and becomes adjusted to discerning ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ thought and feeling patterns inside the Self, it becomes apparent just how ‘programmed’ by others beliefs one can actually be. You will find that there are, hidden in the subconscious, little ‘packages’ of beliefs, views, opinions, phrases, mental images, and portions of memories that are lodged in the mental energy field. These are the opinions of your parents, the outlook of your friends, the image of you experiencing a traumatic event, the self judgement, the judgement from others about others.

Here rests all the tiny portions of Outer Thought and Feeling patterns that don’t belong to you but, weigh heavily on your world and decision making ability. You will know they don’t belong to you when they are completely out of alignment with what you believe for yourself. For example, you know you believe you are destined to be a singer but your parents, friends and significant others hold the belief otherwise, and your level of conscious awareness is not at a point of Efficient Discernment, this will cause you to let this thought pattern into your world. You’ll see, and this will become instinctively apparent, theses patterns do not have to be entertained. There is a conscious choice (or unconscious choice in most cases), to let this thought and feeling pattern into your world, where it will influence you and your decision making capabilities. Although I have explained it some here, I won’t go further into for accuracy of the topic.

Once one accepts the responsibility of being the authority on what comes into and goes out of their world, things begin to start opening up for the individual. As far as Thought and Feeling patterns go, one will be able to say yes or no to what one consciously and subconsciously entertains. This is the beginning point where perception of Spirit starts to become apparent.

Perceiving the Higher Dimensions and what most know as Spirit becomes the main influencing point of the individual. This is because it is your Spirit’s natural state of Being and point of reference. Naturally, your Spirit or Soul – one in the same – are the controlling and directing force of your thought and feeling patterns. Now you will begin to see why much detail was laid upon humans influence on the collective and individual level.

Because your reality is so filled with humankind’s toxic Thought and Feeling patterns it becomes, after much exposure to it, extremely difficult to the unaware and unconscious individual to hear, see, feel, smell, know or in anyway perceive the Spirit and Higher Realms. At all times Spirit is pouring its Loving, Directing influence upon all humankind. Once you and the others limit this flow by getting in the way mentally and emotionally – deconstructive creation occurs and you get what humankind has had, and has now. Desiring not to stick in darker parts of this discussion, we will leave that point where it is and continue on.

As one lets Spirit’s Influence guide and direct one’s Thought and Feeling patterns – more and more joy and happiness begin to fill the individual. This is because the Natural Frequency of the individual is restored and the individual becomes its Sole Influencer. This is where one begins to recognize and realize the thought and feeling patterns and radiation of its Guides. You begin to see and know what is coming from where and if it necessary for highest learning potential you can learn the names of these Beings around you. Also, I would like to point out again that these Beings, whether consciously perceived or not, are always around giving their loving radiation, guidance and protection to us all. Depending on your spirit’s journey and level of conscious growth in your lifetimes – many guides will come and go from you as you rise in awareness. I should say ‘go’ because they never leave, you just move on to new and more efficiently serving Guides.

Now you, at this point in awareness have to be on guard at all moments to keep in resonance with your Guides and Spirit. Don’t be fearful, although at this point in awareness most of all fear is wiped out of the individual’s consciousness. It still should be stated that as long as there is human creation in the world, one will always have to keep a keen eye on what is entertained in its consciousness. This is imperative to know because the individual will have much less resistance to the flow of Spirit ( because human creation is cleared from the energy field, no longer affecting or influencing its manifestations) and in turn manifest much more quickly than the unconscious individual. This is where the Mastery comes into play. As many things in the discussion, for purity of topic, I will save that for another article.

After deep contemplation of your Guides and your own energy thought and feeling patterns and the ability and skill to discern them, you will become charged with the power of choice. Real Choice. You will become the creator of your reality, with the help of your Guides and your own Spirit. this is the Natural State which all will come to Be. The ‘work’ needs to be done by choice of the individual. Unlearn the things that are not yours by innate feeling. Clear the mind of Outer Thought and Feeling patterns and you will be able to perceive and communicate with your Guides as natural as you breathe. At the same time cleaning, clearing and restoring the Natural State which we all are.



With great Love,


A Message from God/Source/Universe, “The Mighty I AM Presence”

November 7th, 2016

A Message from God/Source/Universe, “The Mighty I AM Presence”

Transcribed by: Ryan Stolinski



Occasionally, a feeling will curl up from the pit of my stomach to pick up a pen and paper and jot down messages or answers to questions that come into my mind. Never did it occur that this was what people meant by the term ‘automatic writing’. Never was it a plan to share these with anyone. Now, coupled with the intense feeling to share these, I bring you what the Mighty Presence of God has shared with me. This is not at all of my opinion, nor is this from me. I AM simply a channel, or a filter through which the Light, the Intelligent Substance of God,  can pour through into this dimension. I in no way claim this material as my own because it did not come from me. I AM grateful for the opportunity to share a beautiful message from the Heart of God. May it find you well.

I AM Presence:

You see, I AM this world. I AM also in the world. There was never a point where this was not true. I AM the Ultimate Love. I AM You and You are ME. We are ONE. FEEL IT NOW. Purify the great centers of the Heart and Mind. See it. FEEL IT. Wipe away all that is not pure and not in alignment with Me. The Great I AM that You are. FEEL IT.

Dear Hearts, If you could imagine for a moment the Great Immense Love I have for all of My Creation. They say “God is dead!”, all the while deeply knowing that cannot be. GOD IS LIFE! Look around you, for your “proof” which you yearn for. Look where they say there is none. Know that I AM there the most. I AM in those “places” and I AM those places. Surely, it sounds like a riddle. But, FEEL IT. There is no-thing that exist that I AM not. I AM the Sustaining, Life Giving, Intelligent, Ever-Expanding Consciousness that Knows All because I AM ALL! You are Me, and also, a Part of Me. FEEL IT.  Imagine a broken mirror, reflecting the Light of the Sun on each individual piece, but still all reflecting the same Light. Individually and also, as a whole. This Is Consciousness, at least metaphorically.

I AM here with You always, and I AM You always. There is no separation! How could there be? There is only one thing in existence. CONSCIOUSNESS!!! That which Everything IS! All of creation is consciously manifested. All of Me is Consciously Vibrated into Existence in the Key of Love and the Scale of Imagination. I AM Imagination. This is a creative process. This is THE CREATIVE PROCESS. Through thought and feeling, life is manifested. I AM ALL. I AM the Creator, and the Created. You see, If I AM You, and You are Me. We are ONE. Consider for a moment that I AM ALL THINGS, what would you say that makes you?

With The Great Love That I AM, that which You Are,






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