God is Free Energy

God is Free Energy


The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit

‘I AM PRESENCE’ the Father

‘Human’ the Son

‘Higher Self’ the Holy Spirit


Human beings are Holy Spirit made manifest through the Higher Self and the ‘I AM Presence’. The Intelligent Light Of God is sent through the Higher Self like physical light is sent through a prism. The Light is then is the ‘split’ into a spectrum. If you have ever held up Quartz crystal up to Sunlight you will have clear picture in your mind. It is why the human energy vortexes (chakras) are rainbow in color. Through the Higher Self, by Light poured forth from the ‘I AM Presence’, Light is projected into a physical mass in the shape of a human body. You are simply the projected Light spectrum of God. You, as a  Human, are what’s being projected onto a plane. This plane, is 3 Dimensional in your current frame of reality. The Light is projected onto this plane, and by way of sacred geometrical shapes, the human form is held in manifestation. The complex energetic and atomic structures of the human form are arranged in such a manner that it will be able to process and use this Light, so that Life can be. Essentially, this can be likened to the self sustaining characteristics of Gaia. She, exactly like the human form, is built to process, sustain and reuse this Light poured forth to her physical form, from her Higher Form. As above, So Below.

Since this Light is Intelligent, it is able to arrange itself in any way it sees fit. The human form is a very efficient and perfect form for the experience of physical reality. On a geometric scale, the human form is a 6 pointed star. You, as Humans, are all stars. From the Higher Realms, this is how you are perceived. Much like you would perceive an orb that you, as humans liken to apparitions. This human body is under the command and control of the Higher Self. Well, this was the way it was supposed to be. Humans in physical reality have been tricked into believing that The Manifested Holy Spirit is the ‘true’ commanding and controlling Intelligence but, it is not. While the Manifested Holy Spirit, the human form, is a PART of God – the ‘I AM Presence’ – it is not the Creator. It is simply the Manifested Vessel that is used by the Higher Self to experience its creations. Imagine the human body, and quite truthfully the human perception, as the virtual reality goggles that one puts on to experience a videogame world. This is how your Higher Self is able to BE in physical reality. It is simply ‘wearing’ a human form to do just that.

Through the lens of the physical body, by way of the sensory organs, the Higher Self and also the ‘I AM Presence’ is able to perceive and experience itself as God, within God. The human form is the system that you as your Higher Self, can exist is the ‘mind’, or for sake of example, the video game world of God. This is very close to how your reality can be perceived because while the physical reality is still God’s creation, it is only an illusion, it can be likened to a computer simulated version of God’s Mind. Although that is not meant to take away from the fact that it is still ‘real’ and ‘true’. It also can be thought of as a dream in the Mind of God. It is all imagined into ‘hard’ physical reality by way of slowly vibrated particles that are arranged in ‘communities’ of like particles held together by the Love of God. These particles orbit each other by Will and Intent of the Creator. Energy, on the physical scale, can be manipulated and transmuted in this manner.

Since physical reality is only that which is held together by will and intent, intention and will are the things manipulate and transmute it. By concentration of will and intention into an area of ‘space’ in order to bring Holy Spirit into a desired manifestation, one can manipulate into manifestation, anything desire. This Power is impersonal and does not care or adhere to human standards or moralities, but know that there is Cause and Effect for those who wish to wield this power for either a discordant and destructive purpose or a harmonious and constructive purpose. In the Higher and Most Powerful Realms, this power is used in a harmonious and constructive pattern because in the Higher Realms all Beings adhere to the Law of Life. Which is constructive, expansive and evolutionary in nature. One only need to will and intend the Intelligent Substance of God into a specific atomic structure in order to precipitate from ‘thin air’. Alchemy is the process by which physical form is transformed from Pure Substance into Pure Substance Made Manifest.

If there comes a point where you doubt this power in your self, the ego driven human self, know that it is not who has the Power. The Power lies within the Higher Self sent forth by the ‘I AM Presence’ of the individual. So do not believe that you can’t and don’t have this Power, because you, as the human, cannot. You are what has been already manifest, you are the created. You are the point of experience for the Higher Self and ‘I AM Presence’ to dwell within the created experience. As a human, all one would need to do is, move the human self out of the way. Let the Power flow forth through you, for that is where the human power lies, in the ability to decide to move out of the way of God and let God work through. In that way you can become Creator of Worlds.

In Truth, the human is not even the one who thinks. ‘Thinking’ does not even take place in the mind. The Higher Self is the one who is ‘thinking’ and is ‘sending’ these ‘thought forms’ and

‘thought packet’ to the human, through the human.When the channel, the human form, is clear of itself and it does not try to re-qualify these thought forms with its doubt and fear, or ego, the Energy and Light of God can be manipulated effortlessly and instantly. The human form need only to be held in harmony with the Higher Self and the though packets that arise. The Higher Self only pours forth constructive and loving ‘thought forms’ in order to manifest, any other form of creation – one which manifests fear- is qualified by the human self.

One who can still the mind and visualize the desired atomic structure, so that the Light can Intelligently manifest itself into form, will learn quickly, just how effortless it is to manifest things from ‘thin air’. God is the Free Energy of the Cosmos.


Message for Now. VICTORY!


Hello my Dear Family of Light!

Much linear time has passed since I last posted anything and I must say that these last few months have been intense! Gaia is moving into her new, true self and all things (along with the beings on her) that are unlike God are being thrown off and sent back to Source for Re-construction.

With all of this happening, I (Ryan), have been dipped back into the deepest crevasses of my inner self to bring all that is left to be transmuted to The Light. Just when I thought, “I feel as though I have transmuted all that I could possibly transmute,” more came to the surface! What a beautiful thing because nothing of the old way, or old timeline can come with Us, and by US I mean, those that are moving into the Higher Aspects of Reality to live out our True Nature and True Reality as God has intended since the beginning. Every piece and fragment of the old self and the old way, are being shed from us like a dogs coat in the summer. In order to be filled with the ‘New’ we must become empty vessels by way of all of our bodies. This means mental, emotional and physical! Every aspect of our old Being, particularly those who chose to “BE” in the Higher Realities, is falling away and dying. The old self is dying so that it can become new! Maybe a better word instead of ‘dying’ would  be metamorphosing. We are no longer the caterpillar bound to the ground and being subject to all that is ‘thrown’ at us. We are now in the cocoon, nestled up safely under a branch, doing the absolute last pieces of inner work that need to be accomplished before we finally become Cosmic Butterflies. You see, we cannot be weightless Butterflies with all the heaviness and low vibrational energy that we have once thrived upon. This is the Now Moment in which all Beings who choose to move ever Higher will do just that.

It should also be said that, I(Ryan), have been receiving the message since approximately the beginning of the year that the “Mission is Accomplished.” After delving further into this message while meditating on it and doing some automatic writings, I was told that, “The mission that we have been sent here to do, is done. We won. The Light is Victorious just as it always has been and will be.” How beautiful and wonderful is that?! We did it! The Light has won! What a relief that is but, also, this is Now the point in time that is most crucial. We, as Beings of the Golden Age, have still much work ahead of us. With the collapse of the dark agenda, we are left to our own devices, so to speak. This does not mean we no longer have Aid from the Higher Beings of Light but, we are Now stepping into our God Selves. As our God Self, we are the ones who decide what is and what isn’t. We have to stand up and take responsibility as Free and Sovereign Beings to create the New Earth as we see fit. No longer will anything other than Love and Unity have its place in our True Reality.

It’s also important to know at this point that there will be many changes occurring to Gaia herself. These kinds of changes will be felt and experienced by way of weather disruptions, earthquakes, floods and all things of that nature. It is SUPER important here to know and to realize that THIS IS A PART OF THE PLAN! Many people and beings that were once in our Reality, will no longer be. Many will leave their bodies at this time to live out their chosen paths in other versions of Earth and or Dimensions. Many things that we as Humans thought to be true, will no longer be. What will seem like chaos to some will seem like a blessing to those who hold True to their Higher Selves. There should be no fear in the matter. All of the Incarnates on Gaia who have come to help and serve her will realize that this was the whole point of being incarnated here at this time!

No matter which path you, or whoever you know has chosen, do not judge them or condemn them, especially your Selves! This was their/your choice set forth by your Higher Self to get the Highest Potential of Soul Growth possible. Nothing is a mistake!



With the Absolute Highest Love,





Escapism – The Mental Trap

Escapism – The Mental Trap

mind prison.jpg


Star-seeds, Indigos, Earth Angels and all incarnates of the Higher Realms came forth to Gaia at this point in evolution in order to heal and raise the vibration of the planet, to help Mother Gaia in changing into her Higher Form. All of these souls have specific reasons for incarnating here and fall into this category. Many have multiple missions, some have a singular mission. There are those that are required to physically DO something while many are just here to BE. There are those of the Higher Realms that have come here by choice and others that have come here by Karmic Contract. All of these incarnates face the same psychological ‘traps’, no matter the dimension they have incarnated from or whether or not it was their choice to incarnate themselves here at this ‘time’. These traps stem from imbalances in the energetic and mental systems and cause the individual to have trouble in grounding the Higher Wisdom they have incarnated with. One of the number one forms of this imbalance comes from the ‘Escapism Mind-State’.

Most ‘Higher Realm’ incarnates come here already knowing of the other dimensions and the wisdom that physicality is just ONE of the many dimensions that we, as spirit, exist in. While this is very potent Wisdom, if not correctly grounded into THIS dimension, it can and will cause all kinds of trouble for these beings. Most of these beings already have trouble integrating into this reality because they come from a place where Love is the primary vibration. Upon incarnating into this physical reality these beings unlearn this Truth by way of outside suggestions and programs. While they do not actually ever lose this Truth, it is veiled by the illusory grounds in which this dimension currently operates. As stated in previous articles, the True Self that you are can never be changed or destroyed. It can only be ‘covered up’ with a false, augmented reality grid. Although they are incarnated from Higher Realms and their spirit is very experienced and intelligent, when incarnating into THIS dimension, they are susceptible to becoming entrenched in it. It is why it is important for these beings to shed this ‘outer self’ that has been augmented over top of their True Self.

The number one mental trap for these beings is what is called ‘escapism mindset’. This mental state not only hinders growth, but it holds the being down in the mire of this dimension never to fully ascend the body back to its True State. It is the mind-state where the individual just wants to run away from the struggles and problems they perceive in their experience, not to mention the fact that they have created them. They want to escape into some other place where none of these types of experiences exist. They believe they can escape away from the mundane, all the while forgetting that the mundane is also a part of God.

Holding the mind-state of “I just want to leave this planet” or “Why do I have to be here” is of pure victim consciousness and does nothing for the individual but stifle its power and ability to expand. Not only does this stifle the individual but, it holds them in a state of ‘no time’, never fully in the present moment and always waiting on the next moment to be free. Any incarnate of the ‘Higher Realms’ that holds this mentality will never ascend back to its Higher Self, at least not in this dimension, or its current life-stream. This mindset in itself is a potent lesson and one that must be overcome. This mind-state can easily be transcended by knowing that, you, while in the Higher Realms before incarnating on this planet, chose to come here. You, as your Higher Self, came here because at the same time you knew you could lend a hand to the planet, you knew there was potential to grow and expand even Higher. This is the whole point of creation – growth, expansion and creation. This potent Truth is one that can only be learned while in the physical dimension. This Truth is that there is no where TO go. There is nothing else to do other than to serve others and serve the Light. All in all, every dimension is of God, even this one, it just has been hijacked by the fear vibration.

These individuals dream of being whisked away by some spacecraft and then carted off to some special dimension where all things exist perfectly without having to take responsibility for their own resurrection, and this is not how it works. For one, that mindset and thought pattern, in itself, is of a low vibration and stems solely from the fear vibration. How do you expect to be whisked away to some Higher Realm if you yourself do not exist in that vibration right now? How can you harmonize into that reality without first harmonizing your current one? Never, at any point or in any dimension, will you be automatically absolved of all your self created woes, struggles and experiences. Although it is true, that after a certain level of consciousness is reached, the Ascended Ones can help and absolve much of it for you but, that only occurs when 51% of it has been transmuted by YOU. You will never be ‘picked up’ by an ET race to go live in a fantasy world because that thought alone is fantasy. That is victim consciousness in its many forms. Besides, if you were one of those ET races, would you want an individual that falls victim to outer world experiences or one that transcends that and is perfectly content no matter where they are. THAT is the mind-state of a fully realized God Being. It is of a Loving vibration from where you should operate no matter what dimension you are currently experiencing.

It was never meant to be ‘easy’ incarnating into this realm. That is why you came here! You knew the ramifications of the job before you came and you chose to incarnate anyway. (There are many cases where these Higher Realm individuals got sucked into the mire of this dimension long ago and have been reincarnating to absolve Karmic ties and contracts.) You are a special being and at your core you are fearless. You knew how heavy and dense this realm was but, you came anyway! The trick is to exist as Love here, there and everywhere. You cannot ‘escape’ because there is no where to go and nowhere to escape to! You must rise and rise and the only way to do so is through a conscious application of Love. Through conscious choice one may enter into the Higher Realms while still physically existing in the lower ones.

Ask yourself what it would do for your soul if that were to happen. If you were to be carted off to another world or dimension to live in perfection. On the outside, yes, it would be amazing, but would you have learned the full potential of who you are? Would that have brought you to a realization that you were the one with the power the entire time? No, of course not. That would be fruitless and we are here to enjoy the fruit. It is our job to transcend this mind-state. The beauty is that this mind-state holds no power once you realize that you chose to come here and you are an extremely Loving and Powerful being that changes worlds. You create Life at every moment with ease. It does nothing for you to fantasize that one day you will be rescued. Especially because there is nothing to be rescued from, you are the rescuer! You are the one who will pick you up and cart you off to new and Higher dimensions. You are the one who will create these Higher dimensions and bring them here to Gaia. You will raise your body back to its True State and with that, you will bring the whole planet with you! That is much more constructive and empowering than the belief that you have to wait for some other being to do that for you. You are the one you have been waiting for the whole time and there is no better time than NOW to realize this.

With Much Love and Light,


Holographic Augmented Reality and Matrix Deception


Holographic Augmented Reality

The reality in which 98% of humanity lives in, or ‘thinks’ they live in has been created by a negative force which I will call, for simple terms of identification, the ‘negative agenda’ or ‘n.a.’ for short. This ‘force’ has used its technology to overlay a false reality on top of the true reality that we all naturally would live in had it not been for their intervention. This reality is held in place by the negative emotions of humans and is fueled by these negative emotions on a mass scale. When a story is planted in the media that will cause mass outrage, know for sure, that this was done by them as a means to perpetuate this false matrix. The reality that most beings perceive is one that was created by the ‘n.a.’ for reasons of control and a source of energetic food so they may become ‘falsely infused with power’.

The natural Energetic Grid of Gaia is one  that perpetuates the Law of Life, which is constructive and expansive in nature. With their technology, the ‘n.a.’, which are not of human or terrestrial origin at their most prominent point, they were able to split, or funnel the Grid into an alternate reality, or ‘timeline’. Much like if you were to split a river by way of a dam, creating two separate offshoots of the same river, in order to control and or harness the power of said river. This split river would be divided down into ‘separate’ sections because it is easier to control a smaller section, rather than the whole thing at once. Also, if they kept the ‘river’ as its natural ‘whole’ form, it would not be able to be controlled because it would naturally follow its innate instructions provided by God and the Law of Life. By splitting the Energetic Grid of Gaia, the ‘n.a.’ was able to create an ‘alternative reality timeline’ in order to harbor control over the masses for gains of their own greed stricken nature. Essentially, they used the power of the Grid of Gaia to create an unnatural reality where chaos and destruction could prevail, which they then could spearhead this false creation for personal gains. This is obviously entirely counteractive to the natural Laws of Life set forth by God. These beings are as children, on a soul level, and are simply trying to control the ‘sandbox’ by taking the sand out and creating their own ‘sandbox’ that they can be ‘kings’ of. The don’t want to share the ‘sandbox’ with others because their ego will feel less ‘important’ or ‘powerful’. The thing to note here, and it is almost comical because little do they realize, even though they were able to create this ‘false reality’ it was done with ‘sand’ from the ‘sandbox of God’. Where ‘sand’ is the Energy of God and the ‘sandbox of God’ is the True Reality. With that being said, this temporary ‘sandbox reality’ they have created is unstable and eventually will collapse back into the True Reality because by natural Law, it will always eventually move back to its natural state in adherence of the Law of Life.

This ‘alternate reality timeline’ has led mankind on a massive detour of unnatural pain and suffering. This was done because these beings feed of this type of energy. It is almost like a drug to them and the high of leeching of off fear energy is unlike anything in existence to them. Little do they understand the ‘high’ that can be attained from Pure Divine Love. These beings are lost. They think that their form of power is more potent. Their mind state and their entire agenda is based around the reoccurring premise “We are better than God, and we don’t need God to exist and be ‘powerful’.” It was and is essentially their middle finger to God. Little do they understand that at their inner most core, they are the ones they are giving the middle finger to! It is actually laughable. The irony that exists within their mind state is as comical as it is tragic. Anyway, back to the point here.

The alternative reality these beings created is held together by the fear that is perpetuated by the mainstream media and ‘entertainment’ facilities. Through fear perpetuating music, movies, literature, video games and ANY form one can think of, they keep this alternate timeline ‘alive’. It used to be very subtle in form but anyone with the ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’ can see that they have become much more blunt with their coercion’s. This is a great sign that they know their time is up and it is the last song of the dying siren to rally unsuspecting and unconscious followers to their cause. They know this and have gone into overdrive to get more and more people to come join their suicide party. Everywhere you look nowadays you can find blatant symbols and metaphors for their satanistic worship. It is everywhere. Their rituals are done in open air now because it is believed by them that if it is done this way, it will solidify the power and energy from the ritual into concrete manifestation. The onlookers of these rituals are actually the ones who make these things become real. You see, since the ‘n.a.’ has no actual power of its own, it must use the human observer, either consciously or unconsciously, to power its rituals and make them manifest. These rituals, for whatever is their purpose, can ONLY exist within this false reality in which they have created. All else is God’s Kingdom and those things simply cannot and will not ever exist there. Even the alternate reality they have created, at its core, is Gods because it started with the Energy of God in the first place, it is why their plight is fruitless in the end.


The Matrix Deception

These beings and the ‘n.a.’ as a whole are excellent deceivers and manipulators of emotion and perception. They are master illusionists but, only because we as humans have allowed them to do so. When the human being is fully realized as God, as was intended, these beings have absolutely no power in the matter. They are powerless in the first place, it is why they had to make their own ‘game’ so they could feel a sense of power. They have created an Augmented Reality that lays over top of the true reality. If you have ever watched the film ‘The Matrix’ you will understand very well how it all works. This ‘false matrix grid’ is electromagnetic in nature, as all things truly are. Through WIFI, radio waves, ELFs, EHFs, and microwaves (there are many other various forms) they are able to create this ‘web-like’ grid that overlays the natural reality. The human body that exists within this ‘reality’ then is subject to its emanations, if allowed to do so. Through processed and genetically altered food, we as humans, turned into highly metallic and highly receptive ‘living antennas’. Foods high in metal create in the body an environment that can be likened to a cellular tower. Also, the water that we consume is filled with toxins that overlay a membrane over of the Pineal Glad that disables the humans ability to perceive higher dimensions and to feel and know its connections to All Things. This holds the human inside of this ‘false reality’ and enables the ‘n.a.’ to subject the human to whatever emotions and intentions they desire. This of course is only possible to those who are unconscious of their True Nature as God. 

While a human exists ‘inside’ this ‘false reality’ and is unconscious of its True Nature, they are sadly at the whim and call of the deceivers. Whether consciously or unconsciously, humans give their consent to the ‘n.a.’ and become a host to all types of deceptions and false beliefs. In this ‘false reality’, the humans that have allowed this to occur fall victim to the religious dogmas and external suggestions that they are created out of sin and that all they do is sinful and wrong. That they should fear God and live life as such. They are subject to the ‘hate programs’ that this ‘n.a.’ runs constantly. What better way to control and manipulate than to separate and uneducated? With the help of their human counterparts the ‘false grid’ is fueled by fear and deception all the while giving the controllers ‘false power over others’. It is not ACTUAL power over others because this ‘power’ only exists because the ‘others’ have consented it, the ‘others’ being the humans who dwell in this ‘false reality’. 

Government projects such as CERN and HAARP spearhead the negative agendas technology to keep this grid locked in place. Although there are many other reasons for these technology projects, this is one of them. WIFI has become the most consumed form of internet access throughout the world. In fact, in America ( I cannot speak of other places), if you want internet, you must use a WIFI router and can no longer get, unless specifically asked for, a hard wired connection. (To my knowledge, it is almost an impossible task.) This is because WIFI sends out a signal that literally fills the home of the individual with a specific frequency. This frequency essentially creates a grid or web like electromagnetic radiation that enables the ‘n.a.’ to pump whatever frequencies into the home they desire. If the humans therein are unconscious of their True Nature, well, you can see how this web of control extends everywhere and what it has the potential to do. It is important for us as humans to know this, not to create and perpetuate fear, but knowledge is king, and knowledge applied is POWER! There are millions of ways to protect yourself from these and any forms of EMRs that exist, so there is no reason to fear any of it. You are more powerful than these silly technological devices, so there is nothing to worry about.

These beings who are a part of the ‘n.a.’ have access to technology that we as the average human do not. The ‘n.a.’ has the ability to register and track anyone and everyone on this planet. Those who are of Starseed origin, or Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal or any other form of Soul are at most, those who are being ‘hunted’. It is because these types of beings are a direct threat to their entire system. This makes these types of souls top priority to tags, implants, and other various forms of hijacking and tracking. When you are born on this planet, in a hospital, you are immediately registered and tagged, especially if you are of Great Light. They have tools and technologies that can register these types of things because in all, it is simply an electromagnetic emanations. They can pick up on these EMR’s and determine whether or not you are one of these types of souls. They have become very aware of the specific energetic signatures of these types of beings and it is good for you to know that, if you know you are one of these souls, you have been subject to some form of implanting. Now, again, this is not to create fear, it is for you to understand that it exists, and you have the power to end it! If you never knew you were implanted, well you would never have known that you are being effected by it. You can remove these implants and tags by intention and will or, you can ask God, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and your Guides to eliminate these from your being. As I have said, you are the ones with the power, not them.

Although the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this, I would like to conclude this article for now.  There may be a part two if needed and if desired I will explain my story in terms of being implanted and how I overcame it. I simply desire to bring these types of things into your awareness so that you may do something about it. Since I can only lead a horse to water, I will leave all the rest up to you. Go forth and research! Learn! Apply all that you learn and see that Love is the only thing that you accept and know. Above all, do not fear, for YOU ARE GOD. Whatever you say goes!

With Much Love and Light,


Let Go!

let go.jpg

Let go of the old paradigm. There is nothing left there for you as it is the Now Moment in which you all have been waiting for. This goes for the individual self, the global self, and the galactic self that you are. There is no need for any of the old ways and the old ‘selves’ that you once were. The only way this can become manifest is through the process of ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Letting Go’.

All the things of your old life including – relationships, locations, thoughts, behavioral patterns, feelings and ANYTHING of the old way of being needs to be LET GO. To exist in the new paradigm there can be nothing brought with you from a previous way of being. Leave all baggage at the door and move through this ‘doorway’ NOW. Within this NOW exists all things that go into the category of ‘New Earth’ and ‘Heaven Made Manifest’.

Not only do you need to let go of all things that have once existed in your ‘outer reality’ but, you also need to let go of the old programming in the ‘Inner Reality’. All the old thoughts that you hold on to and all of the past emotions must be LET GO. This pertains to all feelings and thoughts towards people, places and things that once were manifest in your reality.

You can effortlessly let go of these old ways and paradigms by living fully in the NOW. When you exists fully in the NOW, you do not conjure old ways and do not ponder future endeavors. You solely exists RIGHT NOW. This is your natural state of being. It is much more constructive to consciously exist there, in the NOW MOMENT, rather than projecting your consciousness ‘backwards’ or ‘forwards’ into realities that do not exist (past or future experience.) This will enable your Higher Self to annihilate from your lower self, all of the old ways and dense patterns that exist within your human body and world.

Set the intention before you sleep that, “When I wake up, I will be a completely new and wholesome being, restored back to my natural state of Godliness.” This will do wonders for your lower self and over the course of enough linear time, you will witness the Truth of this. You will save yourself much ‘painful’ experience in that you will destroy the need to have these experiences manifest so that you may learn whatever lessons you chose to learn before you were born.

Let go of the life that you once lived. Let go of who you thought you were. Let go of all persons, places or things that hold that ‘reality’ in orbit. Let go of the past and let go of the future. Accept this Now moment that is Eternal in its ways. Accept the God Self that you truly are. Do yourself this Loving Service and see your world change!

With much Love and Light,



New writing project!

Brothers and Sisters of the Light of God That Never Fails!!

I wanted to make a quick post to update you all because I haven’t posted anything new in a little while. I apologize for that but, I have been busy toiling and concocting a new writing project.

I was guided not too long ago to begin writing a one of the many books I AM going to release. This first one is simplistic in nature and it is going to be for those who are just beginning their path back to Godliness. Although it is a beginner style book there will be much information in there for the Adept and Expert as well, its always constructive to have a willingness to learn no matter what evolutionary level you are at! Even I, knowing the Wisdom therein very well, have learned a lot while I was putting it to page.

I was told by those who have guided me to start creating this new project and those who have spearheaded the discourse to me that keeping it simple at first is the best way. I AM already working on the ideas, well I should say, I AM pulling the ideas from the NOW where these books already exist, for the much more in depth and “complex” truths for the second project!

Also, just a quick note, I AM thinking about making a new post, after this one, about my past life regressions that I have been doing as of late. If there are any of you out there that have considered trying it, I recommend it highly! What you will learn about your soul and the healing you will call into your current life is profound!

Stay tuned Brothers and Sisters!

With much Love and Light,



The Greatest Diamond That Ever Existed



Oh Great One, Be Wise in Thy tribulations

Think of Thyself as  a Diamond

Unyielding and Stunning,

Drawing the Eye in with Thy Luster.

Reflecting the Light and at the same time deflecting all unlike Thyself.

On the inside Blazing like a thousand mirrors set on fire by the Sun,

Perfect in Its Emanation,

Filtering Light and sending it forth into the world,

unwavering in Its Expression.

Fully unique, yet created from the same dirt as the next.

While some are still yet covered in Earth,

Know that they are only just developing into the same brilliant manifestation.

Make ripe their conditions and till the ground in fertile soil

All will be prepared and released in Divine Time,

To shine like the rest

To join us all

The Greatest Diamond to have Ever Existed

Faceted Plenty, Shining Infinitely,

The Greatest Diamond that Ever Existed.

Importance of Discernment


Hey folks!

Unlike my usual long-winded articles this one shall be just the opposite. As far as the Truth goes we all have our very own ‘radar’ that is embedded into us as natural part of our consciousness. We all have it and we all have been in situations where – either consciously or unconsciously – we have used it to some degree. Although some may not have listened to this little ‘inner radar’ there is no doubt that it has sent off it’s alarm at one time or another. This ‘alarm’ was the gut feeling you had when you’ve just met someone and for some reason you felt that something about them was ‘off’. That feeling you got when you were traveling somewhere and something just ‘told’ you to take a different route later to find there was an accident or something related. This feeling is usually called intuition.

We are at a point in our evolution where this is absolutely paramount. With the many changes taking place on this planet there seems to be just as much disinformation as Truth floating around. Now, I’m not pointing fingers or calling BS on groups or specific people because it is not in my nature to condemn or judge. I desire only to shed light on the natural ability that exists within all of us. What I desire to do is help you to remember that this feeling inside of you will never steer you in the wrong direction. NEVER. This inner voice is your connection to the Higher Self that you truly are, one whose vantage point of viewing your experience is much more palpable.

With this short article I desire to bring into your awareness the importance of listening to this inner voice and eventually living your life guided by its direction. Imagine yourself looking down into a 2 dimensional beings world. Much like a birds eye view on a lab rat moving through a maze. It is much easier for you to see the correct route to take because your vantage point superior. This is exactly how your Higher Self perceives you and your world ( although not in any sense that you are a rat.) It leaves you ‘clues’ and ‘breadcrumbs’ in the form of feelings in your ‘gut’.

Many people and groups in the “Truth Seeking” community are there to do exactly that, seek out and spread Truth. There are also many involved that desire only to dilute the truth with so much false information that you can’t decipher which way is up. This is not something you need to worry about though because there a few simple tricks that you can use to figure out which one you’ve come across. You can ask yourself a few of these questions and coupled with your inner voice you will be impervious to deception.

  1. Does this information or person try to spread fear and/or try to generate feelings stemming from it? (anger, hate, judgement, condemning or anything of the sort.)
  2. Is this information or person acting in a way that is empowering you with knowledge or wisdom and/or trying to help uplift and arm you with such things?
  3. Is this information or person acting from the ego or the purity of spreading truthful or usable knowledge?
  4. Does this information or person seek to help or to hurt?
  5. Do you as the reader or receiver of this information feel as though it resonates with you and/or is there a feeling that something not quite right?

Now, these questions are just a model for what you should be asking yourself any time you are receiving any type of information that seeks to divulge Truth. Obviously these are not scripture and you can formulate your own questions but, the importance here is to QUESTION. Question everything! Nothing that is given to you should be taken in and made concrete in your mind until you’ve questioned it beyond all doubt. Nothing that your friends, family, significant others or spiritual or religious ‘leaders should be absorbed until you have questioned it to your full satisfaction. Until you have reached the root of the reason for this information (was it meant to uplift or discourage?) you should never blindly accept anything. Not even this article you are reading right now. You have an potent power of discernment built into you and the feelings you receive therein will guide you perfectly every time. I hope this helps you to remember just how powerful you are! Be aware, be conscious, be love!


Stop, Drop, Connect!

Stop, Drop, Connect!


In the experience of my outer self, I (Ryan), have witnessed many situations where the use of this simple technique could have saved any involved parties from becoming snared in the web of outer influence. This ‘web’ of outer influence is as apparent as the oxygen in the atmosphere. It permeates everything in this physical reality. This outer influence is constantly knocking at the door of our consciousness – begging for entry – and for some, it is an open door policy. This leads to all forms of discordant creations and experiences. When you are not in control of what comes in and out of your consciousness, you are similar to a loaded gun in the hands of a blind shooter.

Now, I DO NOT mean this in any way that may insult, criticize, or judge ANYONE. I DO desire to hold a mirror to humankind and reflect what is occurring day to day, moment to moment, on our Beloved Gaia. This is what I have learned in my experience and this technique was taught to me by my Higher Self. I was asked to share this so that it may help to forge a solid connection with your God Self. So, without further preclusion, it is with great pleasure that I share this technique with you. If there are any questions, PLEASE feel free to email me or comment so that I can help clear up any confusion or queries you may have. I thank you,


Technique for re-connecting to the Higher Self

STOP – Stop the body! *In circumstances where this is not possible, try as best to bring mechanical functions of the body to a minimum*. Once you have ceased all movement and if possible, find somewhere to sit, stand, or lay. The important thing here is to get somewhere that you will be able to relax the body and be completely undisturbed. You can either close your eyes or keep them open. (Ryan, personally, keeps his eyes open in order to ground it fully into the physical experience.) If you are fluent in the art of meditation, this should come fairly easy. Now that you have ‘timed-out’ and relaxed the body as much as possible, the next step is:

DEEP BREATH Take a very deep breath into the belly, filling the diaphragm with as much oxygen as you can pull into the nose. Hold for a second or two, then release from the mouth. Blow out with a bit of force, but not much. As you blow out, imagine all of the tension in the body going with it. *It helps to imagine this tension as a color so when you blow out, you can visualize this color being exhaled as the breath.* It may take a few deep inhales to feel even partially relaxed, so take as many as you need, but also keep in mind that the object of this technique is to re-connect you to your God-Self. Make sure that this is your main focus and intent and you are not distracted by simply trying to relax the body. Be sure not to become frustrated if your body seems rebellious. If you don’t feel fully relaxed, it’s okay. The purpose of this is to dissolve the grip of your connection to the outer world/physical reality. Once you are still, and you have taken a few deep breaths, it’s time to allow the feeling of your Higher Self to move back into the body.

BE HERE, NOW – After you have relaxed the body and mind and you can feel in your body the calming, loving feeling of your True Self, you can easily fix your consciousness in the NOW Moment. You will know you are firmly in the NOW moment when any past or future experience is wiped from your consciousness. It helps sometimes (if your eyes are open), to place focus on an object, purely for a point of focus, in order to prevent your consciousness from drifting to memories or future imaginings. Your job at this point is to keep this feeling and experience of the NOW moment locked in your conscious awareness for as long as you possibly can. Whether it be for 1 minute or 25, the benefit of this is immense. Specifically, as you achieve this state of being for the first time, you actually set up a reference point for all future uses of this technique. Meaning, the state of being you achieved, is now the reference point for all other times you desire to use this technique in the future. As you become more and more familiar with this connection and its feeling, you will find it nearly effortless to ‘get back’ to or to stay in this state of being. Think of it as a trail cut into a field of high grass. The first time seems difficult because the grass  has not yet been tamped down into a noticeable footpath. After the initial time, the path need only to be walked on frequently to keep it that way. After some time of walking this ‘path’ it becomes permanent. As you begin to hold this state of being more frequently, it becomes more natural and fluent to conjure this state after you have been distracted from it in the outer experience.

Eventually, this state of being becomes permanent and all outer experience will seem as though it has no effect on your mental or emotional state. It’s important to realize that this technique takes practice, just as a football player trains the muscles for peak performance. In the beginning, it may take some time to do but, eventually it will become first nature. This will than become your permanent state of being and you will always know and feel your connection to your Higher Self. When the Higher Self is the controlling force of your life, know that the Universe will bow in command to your every loving desire.

With Great Love,

The Mighty I AM Presence

I hope this helps and you can get the benefits of being fully connected to your Higher Self/God Self at all times. There are thousands of ways to make this connection happen and become permanent. This is just one technique that I (Ryan), use anytime I get distracted by outer worldly influences. May it grant you the freedom from the effects and causes of the outer world and may you forever know who you TRULY ARE,


Balance and Acceptance – What Do They Have to Teach You? Part 1

Balance and Acceptance – What Do They Have to Teach You?

November 15th, 2016

Channeled by: Ryan Stolinski


The programming of the mind of what you call the ‘Male’ mind has affected every single generation for 1,000’s of years on your planet. It was taught and programmed into the Human Blueprint by those who exist within the mind state of ‘control over others’. This hardening of the ‘male’ energy pattern is actually just a manifestation of disobedience to the Light of God. Men as a whole, are told from the time of their awakening into this world to ignore all feeling and inner dialogue for fear they will become what is called in your reality, ‘soft’. We say ‘soft’ is exactly that which you innately desire to be! It is the inner voice of the True-Self, the Loving Presence which you truly are! It has only been ingrained into the minds of Men that the opposite is True. When in reality, the thing they ignore is their Savior, their Way Back!

The idea that it is not ‘masculine’ to embrace the feeling nature of your physical and mental complex, is ignoring half of your being! (The same goes with the ideals and psychological patterns programmed into what is deemed ‘female’ energy on your planet.) That is what the Great Teachers who have come to your planet have always talked about, ‘Balance’. It is a natural state of the Human/God hybrid complex. (We use the term ‘Human/God complex’ very lightly – for that is the best way to paint a mental picture.) Had humans from their time of perceiving the world from victim consciousness, just listened to what their Inner Self had to say – they would not be at this phase in evolution. But then again, what would have been learned if it was without what is perceived as a ‘hard experience’?

At this phase in evolution, it is important for humans to have balance, or what we would say, “Be One with the True-Self.” This is the only way to create in accordance with God’s Law. All else is misqualified, unaligned human creation. What is needed to Restore, Resurrect and Revitalize the world is God Creation. Perfection as it was meant to be. The detour that humankind was lead on, and of which blindly followed, served them well. This is no longer the case. As they/you are now at the important phase of Acceptance.

Acceptance of the Power of God. The Responsibility of Being a Sovereign, Loving and Creative Being. Once this is Accepted by the 51%, all will change, evolve and expand in what seems like an instant. *At this phase is evolution it is also important to note that all who are present in the Here and Now of the physical Reality of Earth/Gaia, will Accept this. This is because everyone present has chosen this. The Plan is in motion, the cast is set and the curtains are coming up.*

Circumstances that took place in your reality have prepared you all for this exact NOW. Everything that plays out from this point is the non-stop train back to Perfection. Be glad you reserved your ticket!

Once the ‘male’ and ‘female’ aspect are both brought into alignment in each ‘gender’ respectively, than Unity, Equality and Harmony will take effortless Dominion. One will each recognize in the other that they are of the same Whole. The same Body and Mind. This is when creation is in its Highest Form and finally can flow through all. Oh the ‘magic’ that will seemingly pour forth from this Supreme Marriage of the ‘genders’. This will act as a ‘Holy Avalanche’ that will roll over Gaia like a Cosmic Wind –  filling every heart and mind with the Energy of God.

With Great Love,